Digital Media School

Combination ofArt andEngineering &Integration ofGeneralists andProfessionals

Digital Media School of Jiangnan University was founded in 2009, by integrating the Animation Department of Design School and the Digital Media Technology Department of Information Engineering School.

The School consists of the Digital Media Art Department, the Digital Media Technology Department and the Information Basic Teaching Experimental Center, with the Jiangsu provincial media design and software technology key laboratory. The school offers two PhD programs: light-industry information technology and engineering, and digital media art design and theory; three Master programs: software engineering, digital media art design and theory, and industrial design engineering.

Currently, there are 56 full-time faculty members with 8 full professors, 31 associate professors, 21 Ph D, 7 Doctoral supervisors and 24 Master supervisors. 3 new century talent plan of the Ministry of Education, 3 trainees of the Jiangsu province 333, high-level talents training project, 4 in the Jiangsu province Six peak talent project and 3 in the Blue Project.

The curriculum for the undergraduate program puts emphasis on the combination of art and engineering skills, and the cultivation of innovative and multi-disciplinary talents. Currently there are over 1000 students with fast growing graduate students. According to the evaluation report of the Mycos employment competitiveness index (2014-2016 composite),the Digital Media School received the score of 96.2 rank number one in the Jiangnan University. The school has established the close cooperation relations with Netherlands, Britain, Italy, Canada, Japan, South Korea and many other international well-known universities, through joint training, exchange students, workshops and various forms of teaching, cultivating students' international vision, to create a strong academic atmosphere for students.

Digital Leads Life & Media Creates Happiness

Let the technology sparkle thecharm of art

Let the art plug in the wings of technology