Introduction of Specialty

DigitalMediaArt (Animation)

The curriculum puts emphasis on the integration of art and technology with a teaching model combining theory and practice, and cultivating a good combination of thought and art, with international perspectives, modern digital media art with strong practical ability and innovative multi-disciplinary talents. Students are required to systematically master the basic theories and basic methods of digital art design, animation and related interactive art design, with advanced design concept, proficient in digital media art design process, with strong digital art creation practice ability.

MajorSubjectsDesign; Art; Drama, film and television

EmploymentOpportunities:Internet Co, the cultural industry institutions, TV/game companies, animation companies, exhibition design companies, universities and research institutes, engaged in digital media art teaching and management, digital display design, animation design, animation and network publication creation, interactive digital content design and development and entrepreneurship etc.


Develop a solid foundation with innovative spirit and creative ability, with international perspectives, able to meet the future needs of digital media and cultural and creative industries, with knowledge and skills in the field of mobile Internet, digital smart devices, data analysis and visualization, digital entertainment, digital audio and video, interactive media, etc., with an artistic foundation of digital media technology and innovative multi-disciplinary capabilities.

MajorSubjectsComputer science and technology; Digital media technology

Employment Opportunities Software development, mobile applications, interactive media, virtual display, film and television, animation and other related industries, engaged in product research and development, as well as institutions of highereducation, research institutes related teaching and management.